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Find the help you need > Radiological Emergency Preparedness Information

Radiological Emergency Preparedness Information

Programs that increase public awareness of the measures that people can take before, during and after a radiological accident, a nuclear power plant emergency, a nuclear attack or other nuclear disaster to protect lives and property and increase their chances for long-term survival. Information about the community's warning system signaling that a radiological accident has occurred is included. Radiological accidents can occur anywhere that radioactive materials are used, stored or transported, and involve the release of potentially dangerous materials into the environment, usually in the form of a cloud or "plume" that can affect the health and safety of anyone in its path. Protection in a nuclear emergency comes from distance (the more distance from the radiation the better), shielding (protection using heavy materials to absorb radiation) and time (radiation loses intensity rapidly).

1 Location offering the requested services. Providers are listed by city
5210 Auth Road #403
Suitland, MD 20746
(301) 316-2900 (Voice)
(301) 316-2903 FAX
Prince Georges County
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